War Of The Servers [ALL IN ONE VIDEO]

Credit goes to LitFuse.

Yayayayayay! :4chan:


I have heard that sometimes youtube let you have a video thats over 10 minutes. I remember watching a video made by some students, and it was 40 minutes.

Can you put it on Stage6?

He compressed it under 1 gig then uploaded it with the new mega video upload feature.

He has a directors account back then when you could do 10+ minutes

You Took 1Hour And 39 Minutes Of My Time And All I Have To Say Is…


:lol: thanks.

Your Welcome

We have it on Stage6, http://litfusefilms.com/movies/waroftheservers/watch/

Great movie. thanks for making a thread of it.

Awesome! Loved it. It actually looked like a real movie you would see on DVD!

Oh my god, this is awesome!!! I love the editing! And some of the filming is just insanely good. Some of the shots like the one at 33:49 look real!


Where were you when all this happened?

Oh yay!

Can I order one?
Do you post to Australia?
and How much would it cost?

Also, Gizmo. Shouldn’t you give credit to Lit Fuse?


I suppose it is in the video itself…I fail

Feh, litfuse was created after WoTS.

You’re telling me it’s already on DVD? Where can I order a copy? :smiley:

Same! I’m so buying this if its on DVD I mean oh my lord when it finished there was a tear in my eye on how good it was!!


Lit Fuse and WOTS were released simultaneously, stop being a troll to everything we say, we get it, you have a tantrum about us.

As for the DVDs, email robert @ litfusefilms.com about them, we ran out of cased versions so if Rob ever did any more, they’d be in CD sleeves.

Note the Lit Fuse Films logo at the front of film… :wink: