War of the servers is really going to happen again!!!

I was on a server the other day when i noticed that the whole 34 man build server was planing to start war of the servers. Then i decided i would ask them how many people they had that were goign to carry out this horrible act and they told me that they had a 4,500 member clan that was going to start this mess they were called the [MF4]= Minge Force four. So in my panic i decided to come here and alert the whole gmod community to be on the look out for anyone who joins a server with the tag [MF4]

It’s impossible. And it never happened. IT IS A GAME


Silly people these days believing everything they see :downs:

Oh dear…

WOTS doesn’t accurately show Gmod. It’s fun to watch, but having the game crash on you is not the end of the line.

The so called 4,500 mingebag forces is actually 7, god.

A War of the Servers Scenario is IMPOSSIBLE, don’t people understand that? I swear to God.

WotS never happened. Why do people keep saying “again” just because they saw it in a movie.

Next think you know people will start believing Mel Gibson’s shitty movie actually happened. You know the one.

Mad Max?

Of course that movie didn’t happen.


Lol, William Wallace was real, but the events in the movie and the FREEDOOOOOOM thing is fake, but he did fight and win against the english.


kawi you are a fool. The Ming Force 4 guys maybe actually meant that they were going to start WOTS, but they were joking when they said that they had 4500 members and they would have just joined some servers and mass spawned de_nuke_coolingtanks untill they got banned.

But wait waut if the minges take it to be real amnd they realy do start it with attacking the servers

admin have ass or ulx

it take 2 second to ban everyone on the server

Most minges don’t work in teams.

I-I’m scared

4,593 of their guys don’t even have Steam? HOLY CRAP WE’RE SCREWED.

This is weird though

It could work, in theory, it thousands of people just attacked all of the servers at once and overwhelmed the admins. But it would require too much and would be no where as epic as it was in the movie. It would just be an inconvenience for a day or so.

I would join, but
A. I don’t like joining groups because I get too much spam I don’t trust anything anymore. I will, however, affiliate if they need help or something and they are a friend.
B. I kind of have a dual GMod life. Sometimes I am on my usual server being a serious admin, and sometimes I am out screwing with servers like a true mingebag. They say to fight the devil, you must become the devil yourself. Also, it’s just damn fun terrorizing people.
C. The group is bullshit and would never work.

Wow, u r all slow if you think that WOTS is possible. It wasn’t possible on Gmod 9! 2 words: Kicked and banned.

I agree with B!

Someone could make a WOTS gamemode. The mingebags get 1 min so set up an assult and the admins get 1 min to set up defence. Its rather like the control points game mode from TF2 just garrys mod style.

Anyone wanna try and make it?