War of the servers RP?

Just a question, war of the servers. We all liked it, So since not a single other thing from litfuse is going to be released, Why not put ourselves in a place of good nostalgia. Back in the fun. WOTS, I can’t imagine it being too bad. but then again. How well would it play out? DISCUSS!

Totally depends on Gameplay Mechanics. If you had it based on, “lol… one side has guns other doesnt” it’s bound to drop like a sack of rocks. If you go with the Dark RP concept, “Total freedom!” you’ll get idiots who call themselves red, and blue mafia, and kill each other over drugz mod. The main reason WOTS RP has never been done cause it’s hard to hit a nail through it, and get solid ground cause Garry’s Mod in reality has only had RP conflicts which usually end up with one side or another dropping DDOS Attacks on the other, and forcing the rivaling side into submission.

What are you talking about?

Should I rate box or bad reading… Hmm… Hmm… HAVE A RAINBOW! :smiley:

Also, I think WOTS would be fun, one side would be “admins” and the other “minge”. Admins have a brick gun and minge have props to through, I guess it could be rped properly, the problem would be, where would new players go? Because you know if a new guy joins he’ll have to go to either team, both of which consist of guns in which he will be able to minge with.


Slob’s Dark RP Raids[I call it the Gmod RP vrs Dark RP wars]
TnB’s DDOS On Kuromekus[Forced Kuro to close down his original servers]
Exiled and Friends Rumor DDOS On PE [Ended with PE shutting down!]
SGC’s DDOS Against Naval Play Leak Servers [Forced the Naval Play Servers too close down indefinitely]

Trust me. DDOS/Raids are so common in Garry’s Mod that I’ve lost track of all that shit.

Isn’t war of the servers based on mingebags?


I believe Exiled DDoS’d Noobonicplague twice, as well. But they still haven’t shut down.

Aye. It’s mostly, “Can I force you into submission?”, and that’s a hard factor when you have to in take packets as well.

At least you wouldn’t have to worry about the playerbase(on the minge side).

This could be good with custom “mingebag” snpcs and the whole thing focusing on building a safe haven.

Well. It’s about bringing this back to old gmod. and having the ability to build. But making weapons a different story.

Or (irony ahead!) the server admins being in charge of the minges, creating attacks on their schedule.

doesn’t have to be RP just all players on admin side. and scheduled attacks indeed. just with building possibilities. and the goal is survival of course. that way the mingebots removergun can still be implemented. just not as powerful as it was in the movie. defence against the minges, based on WOTS; could be done I think

I can just imagine all the fp trolls attacking the server lol :v:

I want this. I just need to know how.


Dear lord the irony.

Just play all the popular rp servers there you go, mingebags and constant lag from DDOS.