War of the Servers

I seen a few posts about war of the servers, and on all of them people are getting hated on. Ive been thinking about it and war of the servers would fun as hell. Im having problems trying to get my point across I feel but I think war of the servers would allot of fun and should happen. Does anyone agree?

I suggest you get into my flame bunker.

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Impossible. There is no way a minge would suddenly appear from a cloud of fog with a giant machine, there is no way people will stop playing if they get killed, and certainly there is no way one can travel from server to server without loading times by going out of the bounds of the map.

Hmmm…Whats that on the horizon? Oh! Its a army of people coming to flame you to no end…

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - Benji))

Quick, turn your post into a -snip- to hide!

On a more realistic note, yes, it would be fun, except impossible, because you wouldn’t be well killed & such in real life if you died in game.

I like how every post in this thread has been warning you about the flaming to come… kind of ironic.

fuck you for talking about stuff


nah seriously, the video was cool.

Nah, the minges apparently use a VAC ban gun or something. It explains why banned players can’t join another server.

Someone should just make a WOTS megathread so we can express beliefs,flaming,and other shit there instead of multiple forums.

I though Gmod doesn’t use VAC?

It is impossible without radical alterations to the source engine, along with life itself.

But yes, that would be awesome if you could just build GCombat stuff in one server, and then you and your friends invade the server of someone you hate and take it over! I know of a few admins who could use that!

Coming right up


I’m using this quote more than ever this week.

On topic: Main reason is because when people see WOTS they tend to think “OMAIGOSH someone thinks WOTS can really happen!”

Sorry for only just getting back into Gmod since February, I forgot a lot. :expressionless:

How can WOTS be flame inducing? it’s just the idea of mingebags doing mingy stuff and crashing the servers forcing players to stop playing GMOD. Although I did hate how admins are glorified in it, every server I have joined has had admin abusers : /

It’s been like that since GMod was created.

Have a box.