War of the Thread 2.5

Part 1 and 2.


It’s hard to think of ninja pose noises.

Oh Nexus and Fort, you so crazy


A whole hour without any comments wow

Ohhhh Clover, always doin’ practically nothin’ in ya comics yet makin’ me laugh.


Hey, that’s how I look at a lot of things on here.

I know the feeling.

keep it in personal skins thread

Thank you for not only quoting the entire thing, but giving me useless advice too.

You’re the boss of threads now :v:? Last time i check, this was a comic, anything can be. (interactive too, i think.)

Not to mention, quoting the entire image (again), smart.


:frowning: but ours was gooood

i was expecting a reference to the saying: two dogs fighting for a bone and the third one takes it home :v:

I regret helping you out.

Like, alot.

Why Enhanced, why.

A nice simple comic Clover, I like it.

I think Clover should run the personal skin threads. Har har har

What the fuck is that in your avatar?

Seriously, that thing just screams ‘stay away or rape’.

On topic: yeah, that’s probably what I’d do too if I saw two guys playing ninja in an office.

I wouldn’t mind that actually.

Needs more Jeff Wayne references.

chuchamanga? Righto…

Fun stuff

I only say that because I don’t get involved with the personal skin stuff.

It gets a bit ridiculous in there and I’m afraid I might catch something.

Then don’t get yourself involve in ps then, if you want to make one but avoid the ps thread, then you don’t have to. I mean it not like i made my own ps skin for the ps thread, had this since 2006, for comic purpose.

What is this PS thread anyways?