War of the Thread 3

I Finally got off my lazy ass and did it. And did it with a non-shitty comic layout like I usually have

Nexus’s response to my first one


your move

Awesome fort.

Lol’d at Haxxer going apeshit.

So many awesome comics being released! :supaburn:

I’ve done a few of those fakeouts too. Usually when I didn’t wanna pose whatever epic fight sequence was going on :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know what to pose next, and i tried some but gmod crash so i did that.

Thanks for having me in it Fort, sorry, I hadn’t read it till now.

Pictures won’t load.

Any chance for a reupload. I’m assuming FL is down.

works for me, try again and if it still doesn’t when i get back to res tmrw ill reupload

It was down just a little a while ago, but ya, it’s working. Filemelt just crash. Like steam does.

its working now

Finally can see it
I admit I didn’t really find it too funny, mostly because I don’t really know why you’re fighting in the first place.

Some nice moments like the balls breaking. But hey I like the panneling, makes it look different form most other comics.

That’s fuckin’ racist man.

In what manner?

Yeah, really…? In what way?

If you’re referring to Fort going “WOOAAAHH!” to Nexus, he kicks him in the balls right after so it’s vindicated.

Actually eggman, maybe he’s referring to the turian thing…I wouldn’t know diddly about anything ME so I can’t say.

It’s a reference to haxxar, that part is supposed to be Haxxxar (grey) MLCTech (orange) and Chonch (blue) getting mad because their tv signal was lost during an awesome episode of War of the Thread.

This is awesome