War of the Thread

I challenged nexus for the maker of the next Personal Skins thread, we both want it. One shall stand, one shall fall

Battle soon to come

ok ill make it then


i dont even have a personal skin

You goddamn kids and your “fancy” personal skins, I remember back in my day when you didn’t have to have your name plastered on your skin or have some damned phong mapping or whatever you call it nowadays since back then you could just have a recolour and people would recognize you back when a comic really meant something and you took pride in your work not like those interactive comics where you let other people write your story and I remember back then when a bottle of old man Joe’s lemonade cost you a dollar and now kids are skateboarding around all over the place and…



Damn it Clover, get off my lawn.

When I saw “Kiss me I am Irish” I cracked up.

As the Bob Dylan song goes: Times are a changin’…


Whoa there son, i had this skin since 2006 mate (never changed or did another “version” after it). I didn’t follow or copy any silly trends people are now doing here. Proof is in the comic i’ve done long long ago sonny. I choose to do the name tag as my own idea. :v so get your facts straight >:( I’m not like the other people who make 10000 skins ver of themselves :v:

I can’t honestly figure out why personal skins are such a sin for some. I see it this way. When they are released it means a more varied choice for sods like me who don’t know how to do this.

They makes for more colorful comics and such. Some of the skins are pretty hilarious to.

Hey, I had one back in 05 and it was a cheap 5 minute citizen re-color too, Mr. IhaveFlamingShirtandKhakiPantsWhichNoOneElseHasSoIGuessItsAPersonalSkin.

Shut up FT.

A personal skin doesn’t have to be over the top with everything you can possibly think slapped on to make it personal, the point is for the skin to be how YOU like.

If you make a personal skin to impress others, it’s not very personal at all.

I miss your old comics from PHW Online.

How was the name of that comic again? Which you were the main protagonist?

Exactly, not to mention over done hacks with generic mw outfit or something along those line. :v:

I like just the way my skin been ever since 06 and still the same. Just like yours. Sadly not many stick with the skin they like, but only to “impress” or look badass to others :v

Derailed thread :S also it’s not an interactive, interactive’s suck. well for the most part, there are some good ones

Ya i’m not sure why clover decided to bring that up again. Even tho this isn’t one…

I know that, but mainly what I am trying to get to is that personal skins have changed from Citizen reskins all the way to MW2 ports with stuff glued on it.

Im not saying that citizen reskin’s suck.

I’m comin’ for you nexus

Nexus is actually invincible to all normal attacks.

The only way to destroy him is to lower his defences with ungodly ammounts of sexual images, and then you must stab him in the heart.

This will send him back to the 364th dimension.

T’was called “Jeff”. I read through the whole thing twice. 'Tis a shame I stumbled across PHW in 2008. Oh well.
I don’t think you can actually view the comics anymore; the last remains of the site gave up the ghost.

Now, Fort, Nexus, if either of you have limbs attached by the end of this, I will demand a refund.

how about i make the next thrad