WAR! Offical Soldier vs Demo Thread

Let it begin!


Where has this soldier vs Demo thing irrupted?

What’s the big fucking deal?

And I had no idea irrupt was an actual word until your post.

I figured it was a misspelling of erupt.

Okay thanks.

Now It makes me wounder even more what’s the biggest fucking deal.

Pre war, and the reason announcer wants them DEAD:


They gambled and took all the announcer’s money.

The soldier looks twisted.

Both of them should be angry and beating each other as fast as they can, you know like drunken people or those who don’t know how to fight and are pissed off.


Class with the most kills gets a secret 4th unlockable weapon.

They will probably still stay friends, after all, they have respawn.


Here’s mine

Can someone please tell me what an IMG tag is and how to use it?

My picture is a bit like the outcome of the OP’s


Bragdas, best one in this thread so far