War Photographer

First off I have to apologize for anyone expecting Dead Rising. Or a creative screenshot. It was really just a showcase for some models and skins but I spent about 6 hours working on the assets and around two on the pose so I’ll tell myself I earned a thread. I also spent a good half hour plus figuring out how to get SDOF to work on GM_rathen because believe you me it’s almost impossible to get a good screenshot. So enjoy if at all possible.

**I painted her a new wrist, hopefully that takes care of it. **


Cool models, the photographers wrist is broken.

Sorry, was the best I could do if I wanted that pose. I didn’t actually notice it was that bad, I would have photoshopped it if I had :{

EDIT: I photoshopped it :stuck_out_tongue:

Really good posing, camera angle, and sticking with the overall dark feel of the picture. Only thing is that wrist, only a minor clipping error though

don’t most photographers just wear a bulletproof vest rather than full BDUs and such?

quite good nonetheless

Dammit, now I want to go back and fix it but I have to leave soon :frowning:

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She’s not a war journalist, she’s a member of the squad, or at least that’s how I imagined it. Not really a fit with the masks I suppose but I feel like you’re all used to me using and abusing Lightning for just about everything.


I painted a new sleeve and wrist that hopefully takes care of it until I can decide to re-do it all or not.

She’s got great hair for a soldier.

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She’s got that Pantene Pro-V.

Fantastic job on the models biscuit, we need more female soldier models anyway.

Dem eyez. :downs:

I came Expecting Frank West.

He’s covered wars, Y’know.

I like this alot, her expression really sets the mood of the picture

interesting idea!

I was about to say that.
Anyhoo, I like it.

I like it my only question though is if all the other members of the squad have a gas mask on why dosent she?

Would be better with her having a vest with PRESS over it as opposed to a uniform. But nice overall.

I actually have no idea haha, I forgot about the gas masks from a functional standpoint.

Minus two from Gryffindor for not reading the thread! See below.

It would be really painful to put a gas mask over that much hair. When my dad was in the Air Force, he saw a woman with long hair try to put on a gas mask. She ended up crying and losing some hair.

Holy shit haha, ouch. I think if this was more realistic she’d have shorter hair to be sure.

Very nice, Biscuit-Bro. Seems like everyone’s getting into the FF heads nowadays.

Thanks! I’m going to take credit for starting the trend haha, I had them on the Halo Reach ragdolls a few weeks after Korro released them last year. Unless anyone knows of someone doing it before of course.