War rages on the ruined surface of Reach

I’m back in business. Said a big ‘Fuck you’ to the temperature problems.




Took maybe… Twelve hours to make in total. Two hours making the scenebuild and avoiding overheating, the rest was spent editing it. I think I’ve improved my explosions a bit.

Cant see any flaws.

Jesus Christ, that’s amazing. Brilliant editing Joazzz.


Have a well-deserved palette.

That looks like a screenshot from the game.

It is very good.

Nice effects and good posing.


Looks better than the game.

The game is too clean and happy. This is much grittier.
/agreeing with your opinion

Still, the customization makes me slightly jealous off 360 owners.
/Owns a PS3.

The only thing that’s bugging me about this picture is the flying ship thing in in the background (not the one that’s been shot down).
I donno why, it just looks out of place.

Other than that: brilliant work, as always.

I actually was really expecting a bad picture like most halo screenshots but damn this is awesome!

You really expected a bad picture, when the threadstarter is Joazzz? Come on… Tsk, tsk, tsk…

I like the editing. It’s a fine pic. Keep it up!

About time you came back man, been missing your stuff :c

Nice. I’ve still yet to get that game, sadly.

the game sucks

Fantastic stuff. Looks truely gritty and feels like a real battlefield. Great stuff Joazzz.

Thanks for the comments guys and gal :buddy:

12 hours? Why the fuck are you messing around in GMod and not playing the damn game?

lol jk. That’s one kick ass scene build and the posing’s great. The ODST gettin’ all blown up looks funny to me, maybe because of the angle he’s at. Also the jets on the Hornet should probably be more cone shaped. Good work anyway.

nice edit