War Soldier Mourns his Best friend.

Soldier looks at a grave of his best friend in the blue moonlight shrouding in fog.


Pretty good posing, but the camera angle is off.

ya i prob make a better one then this.

Soldier ass in my face.

Where’s the Dead body.


Those plants look like crabs :o

Very emo like. Nice editing though.

do u see a GRAVE? hes visiting his best friend who died in honor in the moonlight.

yeah i know bad camera position

i like the smoke, looks very atmosheric. however a stone grave dosent really fit in, they wouldnt build a stone grave for fallen troops on the battlefeild.

Damn it, I was gonna do something a lot like this. :emo:

I like the effects, but somehow it’s just a meh in my opinion.

>_> its fog not smoke lol…

This is really nice, sad though

you say “war soldier” as though there is another kind of soldier

Nice editing, really sets the mood.

thanks :smiley:


then wut name could’ve i picked?

War Veteran? American G.I.? Use your imagination. :v: