War thunder models fbx or obj

Does anyone have any war thunder aircraft models that they can share for some experimentation?

Thanks in advance

Sent you a PM.

Still looking folks

Someone have aircraft to share ?


you dont have some p-26 peashooter or ki-10 fighters? :3

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you can send me some models trough PM too?

I cannot send you stuff at this time.

why? :frowning:

Because I cannot get more WT stuff right now.

Do anyone have models of German armored vehicles and airplanes?
Also interested in the model: flak gun, a generator to it and a searchlight; German air bombs.
Thank you for attention.

You can Use ninja ripper on this site ,for most of the models.

shet :c I had to uninstall the game by the requirements of my pc, I’m looking for a p-26 peashooter, ki-10, a heinkel 112 v6 and some p-400 airacobra

Ninja Ripper deforms the models beyond use.

I think thats just with sketchfab models , just tried to rip a model it came out fine .

I need really fast this both here:

Would be nice if somebody can export this units for my free OoB mod here:

Have someone some seaplane to share ?

Sketchfab models do not deform, WT ones do though.

My computer does not allow me to interact with the program, and with the game to extract.
I’m looking for everything separately.
Thanks for the advice.

Wait, Ninja Ripper works again with Sketchfab?

No , still dosent work with sketchfab , but it does with the site i provided earlier.