War Thunder models?

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to port the models from this game. I never played it, I’m going to sign up for a beta to take a look at it.

It would be really neat to have these models, because there are most of the plane classes (bombers, fighters, ground attack planes etc.), and the World of Warplanes (I think it’s possible to port from this game) have only fighters and several other planes.

Anyway, have some screenshots:


So, what do you think? By the way, War Thunder is coming from the creators of Apache Air Assault and Wings of Prey. I saw some guy ported Apache Air Assault models, so maybe it’s also possible to port from WT?

You canfind more info here: http://warthunder.com/en/

It should be possible to do, however we will have to wait for the beta or the full game to find out!
if not there are other games with similar models,
like heroes of the pacific!

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  2. I just signed up for beta, so we have to wait and then I can take a look at game files.
  3. Heroes of the Pacific? This game is from 2005!
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  2. good :slight_smile:
  3. yes it is, the models wont be as good quality, but it has all the planes that game does.
    plus it was only example of one of the games that has many plane models.

I support ! There is not a lot of WWII fighter models. I think that BtZ thought of port from World of Warplane but it’s not sure.

Yeah, I bet he does, but World of Warplanes has less models of planes.

So, maybe someone tho know what’s going on with this could say some words?

I will do it in 10 years, cause I have enough work to do for the next 10 years. I am alone on RO2 ragdolls, WoT ragdolls track tanks and Viper is helping me on WoT tanks. Looks like there is never enough model that nobody use. World of Battleship will be in 20 years. Considering it took me 2 years to make German Tech Tree and some RO2 models it will be long.