War Thunder Plane Models?

Has anyone been able to successfully extract 3D vehicle models from the game War Thunder?

In the past, it could easily be done with 3D Ripper DX, however War Thunder now uses Direct X11, and 3D Ripper DX no longer works at capturing any models from the game.

I just need the J7W1 and Spitfire Griffon models from the game, if anyone has extracted them before.


Ninjaripper works but the models are distorted. you will have to both rebuild them and fix the distortions.
Unfortunately there is no model converter so far. I asked for one on xentax, but so far no one could make one.

I forgot to say this last time, but while I do not know what the hell a spitfire griffon even is, if you want the j7w1, you could just get the world of warplanes version. Use shadowhunterrus’s blender plugin to get it. You will have to do some manual fixing though.

That’s how it was with 3D Ripper DX. Each plane is made up of ~20 parts, so I just put every part in one group, and scaled/fixed the distortion for all of the parts together with the same variable. I used a reference blueprint drawing to get the correct dimensions and shape. It worked perfectly fine.

I’m just looking for the propeller of both planes really, so I just need the model with the most detail, and War Thunder’s models seem to have the most polygons.

I tried out NinjaRipper, and it did the same thing 3D Ripper DX did, nothing lol. Whenever I press F10, nothing happens. If I press F12, then the top and bottom of the screen go white for a second, yet nothing is captured. There is no freezing.

That is strange, ninjaripper worked fine for me. Did you use the dx11 intruder?

Ninja ripper - go to -> WarThunderCDK-> dagor3_cdk -> bin64 -> assetViewer2-dev.exe

I already tried using ninja in the asset viewer, didn’t work.

I reinstalled War Thunder completely, since maybe some of the files were corrupted or edited.

I tried again using the dx11 wrapper on run.exe, launcher.exe, and aces.exe; nothing comes up in the output folder after pressing F10. The game doesn’t freeze to record anything either. I’m using Ninja Ripper version 1.1.4.

I am using 1.5.1. Update your version.
And only use 3dripper as a last resort, ninjaripper is pretty much superior in every way for model ripping. 3d is only good for scene ripping.

I updated Ninja Ripper to that version. When I tried using the aces.exe in the Win32 folder, Ninja Ripper gave me the error “intruder.dll load error” So I checked the Winzip folder and there were two versions of intrudor.dll (with the same exact name), I switched the files and it finally worked :slight_smile:

When I extracted Ninja Ripper, there was an error with multiple files having the same name (two intruder.dll’s), is there a reason for that? They aren’t the same exact files because they have different file sizes.

If it does not work, just delete all ninjaripper dlls from the game folder and try again, that’s how I always did it.
Congrats on getting it to work on the game, did you try using it on the CDK?

From my experiences, the asset viewer only has damage models?

Like the one below.

If the asset viewer can be extracted, then it would be a lot better since there wouldn’t be any scenery in the files.

Did you ever see the I-185 demo model released by Gaijin?

The asset viewer has all the models in the game, including ground units, and surprisingly detailed soldier models.
I could not get ninja to work with it however.

Last time I tried the CDK, earlier this year, it showed both intact and damaged models under the same file, and at the same time.

The CDK does show everything in-game, except for most of the terrains. Foliage, low-poly AI units and even buildings are in the files.

Is the asset viewer a win32 client? And what version of Direct X does the asset viewer use? It might not be exactly the same as the game.

I do not know. I tried both ninja versions and all intruders. None worked.
But then again, Ninja refused to work for me in Heroes and Generals, and others successfully ripped from that game.

I’ve tried to convert these aircraft by ninja ripper tools and other programs , War thunder… etc

But did you managed to make it work with the cdk?

Teensy bit late but does anyone know the general safety of using Ninja Ripper? To my understanding it messes around with dlls and what not and I’d really like to not get vac banned/whatever ban system ganjin uses.

I tried it in the hangar and there did not seem to be any adversities.