"War. War Never Changes." Vietnam Baby + Bonus


Kind of shitted on the muzzle flashes.


its so fucking dark, can barley see anything

Please don’t say that, I have a mild case of contrast fucking up with my monitor making everything pure dark.
Are you just saying it’s dark because its midnight and there is no such thing as a moon and the only source of lighting is the muzzleflashes?

only source of lighting seems to be the muzzleflashes and even with that its dark. The entire right side of the screen is basically pitch black, can’t see anything there.

Good thing there is nothing on the right side of the screen :smile:

ever feel like ray charles

Adjust your monitor settings.

Guys, it’s dark because that’s how Vietnam was won.

If our American boys didn’t have the night to cover them, they would have never beat the Vietcong.


Posing looks pretty good, muzzle flash in the first picture looks kinda odd though.

I like the second picture the most.

The first is okay, but the muzzleflashes aren’t the best. Also, [sp]no matter how dark, I can see the pine trees. Sorry[/sp].

'S okay.
Too dark for my laptop screen to really show it well but what I can see looks nice.