WAR |Wiped 4/11 PVP/Sleepers/1/4 Craft/L.E.S/Remover/NoDura

***Welcome to WAR :slight_smile:

Active Admins and mini admins
“We Are Ruthlessl”

**Join our Steam Group: **

New May 1st 2014

Please take the time to vote for us on Top Rust Servers @


A in game reward for voting :slight_smile:

How To Connect

Press F1 to bring up the console.
Copy and Paste the above text into the console and press Enter.

**Server Restart 5am EST (not reset) **

1/3 Craft
Durability Off
Decay - standard
Item that’s not craft-able is C4 and explosives
Everything else can be researched and crafted (including research kits)
Starter Kits included

Airdrops @ 10 players - and edited with server population

Mods Include:

Groups - (/ghelp) includes group messaging, group history and who is in the group etc
Remover Tool - (/remove) to activate and deactivate
Location Tool - (/location)
Door Share - (/share “Name”)
Starter kit - ( /kit starter) (/kit hatchet)
Stats - (/shelp) you can see your Kills and Deaths with it and the Top Killers/Deaths/Suicides etc (Coming Soon)
Players - other connected players ( /players )
Who - (/who) how many players
Private Messaging (/pm)
History (/history)

Missions - (/mission) get some good stuff from completing these
Death Handler
Reward For Voting (/voted)

Economy =
Balance (/balance)
Send (/send “Name”)
Coin (/coin)
Buy (/buy)
Sell (/sell)

we welcome all groups - more the merrier
we also have gamevox (team speak)

so far the community on this server will help new players out and teach you the trades and tricks of rust and the admins are excellent with any issues you might have with the server.
the admins are adults and responsible.

we have a zero tolerance for hackers and they will be banned on sight, and we deal with any reports from players about any possible hackers
NO FLOATING OR UNRAIDABLE BASES ALLOWED - Admins will be keeping an eye out for this

thank you for reading this and we hope to see you on this server and join this exciting and fun atmosphere community


getting populated and lots of fights

more people playing lots of airdrops happening now :stuck_out_tongue:

Consistently 8 or more people online, peak so far has been about 30

new players and new mods added

This has been an awesome server with fair, active admins and a good, stable population. Excellent PVP and events.


new server IP address same name welcome new rust players

steady population come along and join :slight_smile: