Warcraft 3 Editor: Shared Money?

I know, I know. This isn’t for Warcraft 3. It’s for the source engine. But I dont know where else to ask for help.

If anyone knows how to do this, I would really appriciate it.

Right, I have a huge problem in my map. I would like to make a trigger of some sort that shares the money equally to all players. It’s a gladiator map, so the money only needs to be shared for the gladiators, not the imperial director (the guy who sends monsters) he wont get anything.

And I would like to it shares same same ammount, like there is 2 players. and they killed a monster that normally gains 20g for a kill. they Dont get 10g each, they both gets 20g.

Sorry if you are annoyed that I asked a question about a non source game. Help will be appriciated.


however you’d want to do it, you’d have to use a Lua script if you want it as complex as you are talking about.

I know I have to script it, but im not sure how to do it.

Wait what, Warcraft 3 uses Lua?

No, Penguiin just can’t read.

I guess none knows how to do it here. But do someone knows where i can find how to do it? or possibly find it

Go to the lua section.

I thought so, I was a tad confused as well, but seriously just google “Warcraft 3 world editor tutorials”.

Because I’m kind - http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Warcraft+3+World+Editor+Tutorials

also you should of posted it in the wow area