Warcraft Elves

Here’s the Blood Elf and Night Elf from World of Warcraft, which I both hexed and put in addon format. They both have face, eye and finger posing and are also NPC that act like Alyx. Jamisue is the original modeler of the Night Elf so all credit goes to him for this model. †DeviousGrueâ did the reskin for the Blood Elf.


Krazy Pictures!

Side note: I didn’t ask if I could upload these so if either Jamisue or †DeviousGrueâ want me to take this down, just ask and I’ll do it.

I remember these models. They weren’t hexed back then, though, so I’ll give it a DL.

Oh that thing. I remember when it first came out ages ago.

But Jesus fucking Christ, that last picture. That face is fucking priceless.

May be a blood elf, but the second one is totally not a night elf.

Another addition to the sex pose arsenal?

Pic 3 is supposed to be like Ryu-Gi freaking out over elf sex, isn’t it?

i’d freak out like that if two of those elves did that.
you would too, don’t lie.

if u make WoW elves make the damn WoW elves rip the models from wow not like this …

you know how hard it is to port from WoW
these are just as good
stop your bitching son

ITT: WoW nerds ranting over a decent model

Very easy actually unless I’m mistaken :~
That said, the models are decent, but really not my cup of joe

WoW models are low poly pieces of doodoo with low res textures.

We don’t care if they don’t look good we just want them in gmod.

I swear this generation of gamers cares more about graphics then anything else.

I like good graphics, but all games is heavily depended on a good story. Crytek failed with Crysis on that part, as we all know.

Shouldn’t the night elves have glowing eyes? :open_mouth:

they dont even look like blood elves and night elves … and yeah it’s very “hard” to port them from wow … right …



I didn’t make any of these models guys. They were made years ago, before I even had GMod. I just hexed 'em so that they wouldn’t replace Alyx or each other.


Videogames have, are and forever will be about gameplay before anything else or else what the hell are we all doing here playing GMod?

lets see you make them.
fucking do it.

well i did that an i was 80% done but i had a small problem with the model compiler and i can’t fix it … so …

Nice re-release of good models. WoW models are shit compared to most games, considering that they have to fit hundreds on the screen at a time.

WoW models in GMod? >_>. Besides that, third pic is awesome. I’m gonna head out now since I’ve had my fill of the model’s uses.

/me exits the thread.

now this is something to say WoW <—get it :stuck_out_tongue:
this babes they even worth more than the whole world of warcraft shit game