WarCraft III Models

Basically I want the models of the units, heroes, buildings. So it would be a mix of ragdolls and models. I realize that it would be a lot of work to either hand-make the models/ragdolls or even rip, resize and reskin them, so if you do fulfill the request, or at least part of it, the first model that would be appreciated would be the basic footman (Human), grunt (Orc), archer (Night Elf), and probably the Ghoul (Undead). Obviously the more the models the more the appreciation. I’ll put up some reference pictures.

Human Footman*******Orc Grunt


Night Elf Archer**Undead Ghoul

Other models I would like would be some main buildings, such as a Scout Tower, Barracks, and Town Hall for the Humans. For the Orcs, Watch Tower, Barracks, Great Hall. And the Undead, Ziggurat, Crypt, Necropolis. For the Night Elves, a few ragdolls would be needed for their buildings as the are non-static trees with two states of being (“rooted” immobile, and “un-rooted” they can move their position) but they would need at least an Ancient Protector, Ancient of War, and Tree of Life. I will post pictures below.

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It’s a good idea and i don’t see why it isn’t possible, though they would be quite low res.

Yes please.

Good idea.

Thanks for the minute support and sorry about the forum PLing, I got excited about the request.

Bump because I’d really like these (if not more).

I’m bumping this because I really would also like these in gmod, especially for the Starcraft units. Willing to give out the .obj and textures of whatever units so someone can work on them. I know nothing about 3D programs but I can at least give out the stuff needed to someone who does.


Come on anyone?

I can’t see why somebody wouldn’t make these from a scratch. They are low poly after all.

I think you can find those on the warcraft unlimited site?

Low poly, high poly I don’t care how they look just so long as they are in gmod.

As for the person who mentioned Warcraft Unlimited I’d like some models from there also.

http://wc3r.forumcircle.com/viewtopic.php?t=262 M. Bison
http://wc3r.forumcircle.com/viewtopic.php?t=200 Alucard from Castlevania
http://wc3r.forumcircle.com/viewtopic.php?t=1603 Bunch of DBZ models

I’d send whatever stuff I can get from those models with this program I have just so long as they get in gmod somehow. Sigh…

Hell to the yes.
Too bad I can’t model.

omg it take ages to get it in 3ds max :slight_smile: heh I´m going to try it in Gmod

I get it in game … it is only test it´s small and sometimes translucent… it needs edit but i am shit modeler
(Sorry my shit english :-))


some ideas ?? how big models should be ? bigger/smaller ?

to ShowMeYaMoves: I couldn´t import your models :frowning:

Did you try converting them to .OBJ? Theres a program for WC3 models that does that.

I cant find it, links are dead


Don’t click on the downloads. Do right click save as.

it isn´t worked :frowning: it saved empty .rar archive

Ah forget that page then. I guess it’s not there.

Check out these tools and see if they do anything.

The tool I wanted you to download I put in here.

Then I use Warcraft 3 model viewer to get the textures the models use.

I don’t know what 3D program you are using or know how to use any 3D model programs so I dunno.