Short title, as I think all threads should be. (I think thread titles don’t have to be that descriptive that it gets like “Some US marine going OMG because he sees a spider in a desert inside a camp.” , I actually would like making the thread titles with the names of the pictures, but that would be seen as utt.)

So back from the US. Small, easy pose to get back into posing and editing. (Just making sure I didn’t lose it.)



**Holy! What the! How did it get so SMALL?!!! , brb with bigger version **

EDIT again:

Good size, but worse quality

The shadow under his helmet needs to be darker near the top and don’t blur out jagged edges.

The shadow makes his skin grey.

The shadow looks weird… but holy shit, that blood is really ugly.
Otherwise, the posing is good and the quality itself is not bad.

Well, I think a 7/10 is good enough after 3 weeks of no Gmod/ computer at all.

Thanks for the comments so far.

(And egdes aren’t blurred, It was a weird side-effect of the Bloom)

Angle and posing are good.

the “drool” looks like cum.