Warden is dead sound.

I have a warden is dead sound for my Jailbreak server and need a script to make a sound for warden dead. I currently have one but it repeats all the time. I need one that will trigger it only on death. Could I have some help please? Thanks!

What have you tried, show us your code?

The best way, as you said, would be to hook into PlayerDeath, which is a SERVER hook.

[lua]util.AddNetworkString( “WardenHasDied” )
hook.Add( “PlayerDeath”, “PlayerDeath:WardenDeathSound”, function( Player )
// However you have warden set, detect it here
if ( Player.IsWarden ) then
net.Start( “WardenHasDied” );
net.Broadcast( );
end )[/lua]

then, client-side

[lua]WARDEN_DEATH_SOUND = Sound( “blah.wav” )
net.Receive( “WardenHasDied”, function( Player, bytes )
surface.PlaySound( WARDEN_DEATH_SOUND )
end )[/lua]

The receive arguments are the other way around.

It doesn’t matter though, it’s not using them anyway.

And what if he actually wanted to use those arguments after copying the code?
Does the player argument even exist on client in net.Receive?

why are you creating a global variable when it’s extremely unneeded.

surface.PlaySound(Sound( “blah.wav” ));

It’s a rough example that was typed up as a response while waiting to see what they have done.

So, there’s an issue here and there, forgive me for not using the old net system on a daily basis. I rewrote it to remove the 64kb restriction and automatically map net messages to functions so I’m sorry I mixed up the order, a 50% chance!

Did you see how someone took the ttt end round system music player I provided and completely screwed it up editing stuff they shouldn’t have? That’s why I put that variable up top as an EDIT this only. Some people are new and don’t know what to do, by using a variable it helps them see how pieces fit together.