Warden - Proxy Blocker


What is Warden?**
Warden is an API wrapper for the Black Box Proxy Block that allows servers to automatically prevent clients with identified proxy IPs from joining.

How does Warden work?
Warden uses the Black Box Proxy Block to send the IP address of the joining player and verify that it is not a proxy. If it is, it automatically kicks the player. That’s it!

How do I add Warden to my server?
There are two mains ways of doing this. One, the easiest, is to add this workshop item to your server. Second, however, is to download Warden from our GitHub Repo and insert the “warden” folder into your garrysmod/addons folder. The latter method will allow you to configure options such as kick messages, cache timers, and more in the warden/lua/autorun/server/sv_warden.lua file.

Setting up Warden
As of v2.0, no setup is necessary! If you’d like to edit some configuration variables, you can find the configuration in sv_warden.lua.

Links & Information
Steam WorkshopGitHub Repository
Black Box Proxy Block

Edited to reflect the new changes of v2.0. Thank you for the suggestion, @StonedPenguin

Are people using proxies a problem in this game?

you can use http://proxy.mind-media.com/block/ without an api key

but honestly blocking vpns is kind of lame, there’s many legit uses for them.

Agreed, this is solving a problem that doesn’t exist. I’d argue to doesn’t even solve anything, it just creates more problems.

-Bans people who are possibly using an alt account despite being IP banned
-Bans people who are innocent as an adverse effect

Meh, i mean, if you’re trying to control your server and you’re serious about it i could argue that it’s worth it.

Nice work Silhouhat

The problem is it “bans people who are possibly using an alt account” while also “banning people who are innocent”.

You’re guaranteed to ban innocent players with the possibility of banning someone on an alt using a VPN.

You legitimately just repeated what i said but reworded it.


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In my experience the only person using a VPN when playing Gmod are paranoid pedos who frequent anime porn sites and don’t want their parents seeing all the porn on their internet history.

He emphasized the real problem with it.

What does your edit have to do with literally anything? People use VPN for legitmate reasons, like not having access to the server due to geolocation stuff or having government firewalls and shit. Its not up to you to decide why people use it or how they use it.

I’d like to add onto this since your mindset on the subject seems to be dull and overall stupid, Security is one factor to using VPN, Me and many others wouldn’t want servers having our real IP, some may argue that it’s not that common but their have been servers that malicious do stuff with your IP address. I’d also like to add what about cases when I’m using a proxy/vpn when I’m on public wifi or at college/work and need to bypass a firewall? I guess I should be told I’m fucked and can’t play ?

Well u should be focusing on your schoolwork/work instead of RPing as a rapist in your favorite darkrp server loool

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But overall it’s up to the discretion of the server creator whether to use this, so stop arguing before one of these POW camp staff members ban me, ty.

simple proxy https://github.com/Heyter/ProxyBlocker-GM.
not tested. :dogwow: