Warehouse 13 Tesla Gun

Any of you that’s watched the show. This would be an AWESOME swep.

A massive energy ball, that takes a full second to fire, non-lethal and paralyzes a person for a few seconds

sounds like the Zat from the Stargate Pack, but with a different model, and without the damage. (or at least, without the 2 hit kill)

Kind of, but the Tesla gun on warehouse 13, the energy ball is huge, a good half meter wide.
Well the ball itself is small but the outer sparks reach a good half meter.
Overly flashy yes , but i’ll step out and request it be accurate. I love the tv series to much.

The gun in the series has a turn dial that increases the damage. The same could be added to a swep.
Secondary fire increases power, primary shoots. It would ragdoll people when it hits them.
1: 1 second rag doll, 5 damage
2: 5 second ragdoll, 15 damage
3: 5 second ragdoll, 40 damage
4: 5 second ragdoll, 75 damage
5: 10 second, and 200 damage. (incase of over-HP, and shield.)

Hm…Have you ever played SMOD?It has a strider cannon,the secondary fire shoots an energy ball that can be charged,it throws orange electricity all around and can be charged,the more its charged,the bigger the ball,also the electricity/sparks drain npc health if an npc is near,its very flashy.If something that similar can be done without lua,then it just might be able to be made as a swep.

How the hell are you planning to make a swep without lua?

He’s not. He’s saying to copy the files without haveing to recode everything

I’ve already started work on this, before it was requested.

Sounds, for those who are interested,


Fantastic Prefan, I’m going to keep an eye on you for it’s release.

I just thought a warehouse 13 RP server would be freaking awesome. That’s if everyone plays fair.