Warehouse Prefab for Rising Tides

Hey! Just wanted to post some screen caps to save them for one of my recent map projects.
The team I work with @ rising tide has been working on a new island for our gamemode which will consist of our general pacific/tropical themed environment, but also an airfield with all the usual kinds of buildings you would find in real life.
To go along with the work we do in mapping, I have created a few custom assets to better capture the feeling we want in our work.
I am only showing screencaps of the prefab here, but I suggest you check out our game mode post for some pictures of the tropical environment the team has put together so wonderfully.

There are still some small changes to be made, but I wanted to block the idea out first.

Happy to say I was able to create all the model assets seen, along side the building itself. It was a huge learning experience. The lights especially were fun models to make. I love industrial lamps IRL, so it was neat to try to replicate their feel in S2.

Super happy with how the beam assets turned out.
I did a couple iterations and settled on a 90 degree joint, a 45 degree joint, and some end joints along side a couple sizes of straight beams. I used them to create the shelves. Textured them in substance painter and did a few different skins. Going to add a tintable skin for other buildings ASAP.
Here is a closeup of the beams :slight_smile:

Did a few crate skins, but am waiting to make more that fit in with the lore/ideas behind the game mode.



I used emissive textures for the filament of the bulb. In low light settings, it kind of gives that old industrial feel I was going for.


Took a couple iterations to get the lamp glass I wanted, but here is an earlier prototype that was a bit rougher:


Super happy with the atmosphere these assets give. It has been mentioned that FP originally planned for S&box to have two styles, mainly a grungy/HL2 style and the more common cartoony vibe. I haven’t seen the grungier style come out too much, but I feel like these assets have kind of hit that side a bit. Hope to work with these assets, and make some more when I have some time.

Just posting this to kind of keep track of my work, and to be able to better self reflect on the progress from earlier assets I have made. :slight_smile: Thanks for taking a peek.