Warez? Everywhere!

Okay, I saw the entire thread about worst thing you’ve seen. I just wanted to create a thread about the warez on the site. This is just getting ridiculous, this guy over here is acting all “stop trolling man !!11 eleven 11”
Anyways if Garry ever did look over this thread, maybe he’d actually delete some of the warez, maybe not, but anyways i’ll start:

Okay, this isn’t just the Warez Forum I guess, it’s all the stuff Datsun said.
Warez, SVN, non gmod content, and etc.

DO NOT post links on saves or anything like that.

yup, i notified him of this thread, im gonna get some mods to see this and report to garry

Fat chance of any mod actually doing anything.

There is more than just warez on the site and it gets ridiculous of what you can find uploaded. Now before anyone says anything.** I do not care for dupes, saves, models, etc. Those are okay because those are allowed.**

My only rant is that there is warez, svn, nongmod content, that gets uploaded on the site.

i have pm’d PLing and requested he contact garry about this warez


gave link to this thead aswell

I just emailed it to Garry. No way he can’t ‘not’ see it now.


This account is full of warez too.

It’s just sounds, how could this possibly harm anything?

Sounds killed my father,and took my mother away.

[On thread] Why do people feel like they have to upload things that arent even their’s…Wire uploadings,warez,stolen things,and the worst are warez that have NOTHING TO DO WITH GMOD.

They probably feel like they are doing the community a service by uploading SVN stuff or packs of stuff that the creator does not want reuploaded against the site TOS.

As for the warez, I honestly dunno. It probably had something to do with how easy it was pre-verifying to get stuff off garrysmod.org.


Okay, some people emailed it to garry??? Alright then, but can we please get to posting some warez, and if so, svns and etc.

Like this?

PHX uploads:



There are several more out there. This was just a quick search. From the speed that I found these, I would gather there be about 50 different PHX uploads more or less. All outdated, and most of which possibly broken.

I ignored QuarterLife’s uploads because he is the one in charge of PHX. I am surprised he didn’t remove the old versions he uploaded.




Etc, etc, etc. This is what I got for just searching the word “episode”. I do believe it is against the rules not to post this stuff no?


I am sure there are more things but I can’t be arsed to look for it all.

Actually, he’s just the one who sorts out SVN-ing and uploading. PHX makes PHX.

I thought that’d be obvious.

Yeah I knew that. I should have mentioned Phoenix.

There is NO moderation on garrysmod.org. Personally I think there should be, but actually implementing a good moderation system might be troublesome.

Garrysmod.org is unmoderated, but garry reacts on EMails, at least he once removed a work that was stolen from me, and did the same when a friend requested so.

Actually, I think garry is right with not putting moderation in.

He could at least spend 10 minutes each day deleting shit…

Well, say people are reporting, we will have at least 100 reportings a day, garry would have to check each and every single one if it is stolen and such.

It’d be better to have like 3 or 5 people that check the site and send links to him and he just deletes them if they need deleting…

Hell, I’ll do it.