How is it considered pirating to use valve content that you do not own but people rip models/weapons for numerous other games and its considered awsome, I don’t see the fine line although I have bought the orange box to go along with my garrysmod I just don’t see why it is a problem. I.E CSS weapon models.

Neither is legal.

So why doesn’t anyone who releases swep packs from other games get banned?

Taking the actual model from the game is warez making a new model that looks like it and animating it yourself isn’t I think

They don’t “rip” it straight from it…

Are you kidding me? Have you not seen in the modeling section “Model name rip” people are doing and no one is saying anything.

I’d say because just because I see a model doesn’t mean I’m going to get the game anyhow, so it’s not like people aren’t buying the game for a ripped model. Pirating a full game is different, because you aren’t intending on buying the game.

That didn’t sound right, so let me reword it.

One model doesn’t make a game, or that game’s content, and I’m not buying a game for that model alone.

If you pirate a game, you have the content, plot, personalities, and the model, highly more substantial than a model.

People on Gmod for some reason shit bricks when they see a reuploaded addon, or Warez.

Don’t ask me why, I guess they’re Valve’s personal army or some retarded shit.

Its a part of a game, not a game.

No one cares if someone rips a model or a texture from another game.

While it’s still illegal, most people see the odd model rip from here and there okay only because it’s a minor part of the game, not the entire game. That said, some people only use ripped models as a reference to remake them in Maya / 3DS.

Trust me, read the gmod.org comments.

Complete utter faggotry.

Didn’t Garry fix it so if you do that it doesn’t work? I heard he did.

All he did was make it so as they can’t log into garrysmod.org


Especially if it’s from something like Super Mario Galaxy.