Warface Female Nanosuit

I finaly got warface models xD


Female Sniper Nanosuit

This one is only for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/j6t2m6req24ei54/W%20F%20M.7z
Model format .psk
Full Squad

can u post the model !!

my Private Version of it has the original bones Replaced With CAT And with the original skin Weights :smiley: But i will give the model with the original bones only :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s okey ^^

as in you’re only releasing a version with the bones but no skin weights?

DUDE the mesh has skinweights are ya dumb? I was talking about Replacing the original bones but without remaking the skinweights and keeping intact the original skinweights with diferent bones :wink: . And I only said that i will give the original not the modified one(with new cat bones sctructure) :stuck_out_tongue:


Female Soldier Nanosuit

chill your beans bro, english obviously isnt your first language so what you said was a bit confusing is all

no need to snap jfc

Wish I was not born xD but that can’t be changed sooooo deal with it!

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Unity5 Preview of the Soldier model :3

Big update UP link soon

What file format are these girls in?

I allready specify, read carefully man :expressionless: