Warface's .chr models could someone take a look please

Hello there,
i have got Warface(CryEngine3) models from Gazyi’s mediafire folder but the files are in .chr which i have no idea how to convert them to .max or other types, i have tried opening the .chr files with cryengine 3 sdk but it gives error and not able to open the files(i used character editor to open it, not sure if that was right, if anyone is familiar with cryengine sdk please let me know) ;’(

   i have PM'd him about his works but i'm not sure if he will help or reply since his last convertion was 2 years ago, could anybody give a clue on how to convert the .chr file from Cryengine 3 so that it can be opened in 3dsmax or blender please QQ


thank you!

could you link or upload just the file of the model you want? knowing cry this’ a single package. and… i guess you want the lady in the picture?!? i’m not famliar with cry stuff, but i might take a look at it if you gimme just that. i don’t wanna google more - they don’t know gazyi’s mediafire xD - and d/l a ton of… whatever… so…

thank you very much!
http://www.filedropper.com/105-106 (47.4mb)
this file contains all the 4 models(.chr) and the textures(.dds) just like in the image

Have you tried Noesis? I open them just fine. :slight_smile:

Edit: It also supports the original bones :stuck_out_tongue:

noesis does it? huh? what version? something old? lol. i don’t get it. good people know plugins. it’s indeed working.

edit: i’ll not mess with sh*t when drunk anymore. x)

i have tried Noesis version 4.17 and 4.0999 but they said they can’t open the file to preview

do i have to rename .chr to something or install any plugins?

thank you again napoleon ^^

EDIT: SUPERB!, got it now, i downloaded cry engine plugin for noesis and it works!!!~~ , Thank you NapoleonII , episoder <333 , thanks anyone who came to check this out too!!!