Warfang's Den PVP|Oxide|Sleepers|Active admin| Reset 1/22 3:00 pm EST|New York

New East Coast Server. We always try to have at least one admin on, we also have a very friendly staff. We want to start a growing community and have a server that people can join and be treated respectfully. We ALWAYS encourage people to be nicer to newcomers and give them a chance to start out!
SPAWN ITEMS IN FOR YOU (so please don’t ask)
We will not abuse admin powers, if you catch an admin abusing please report it to an active staff member.

WE WILL NOT TOLERATE HACKERS OF ANY KIND!!! If you suspect someone is hacking please let an active admin know and we will investigate accordingly! If you have proof someone is hacking either it be video, chat log, etc… please let us know or post proof of the hacker here. Thank you!

Help you with anything you need.
If you are stuck or glitched somewhere (and have a lot of loot on you) please ask a staff member to help you, we wont always help you get UN-stuck but if we are being generous then we might help out.
Have hosted random events, depending on the amount of players on at the given time.

Running Rust++, willing to take requests. I’ll be actively adminning the server. C4 is enabled. Adult behavior is expected, and newbies are welcome, we have a very small population right now, so it’s perfect as a first server. There wont be naked hunting, as we are not fond of such behavior. Should you see an admin abusing their power, please contact me, steam name : ‘Gramgax Warfang’. Thank you for your time.

If you cant find our server in the server list please put in the ip manually by hitting F1 on the Play screen and then type in console net.connect and hit enter.

Bit of news, Changed to Rust++, could use a topic name change if possible.

Getting more players, thanks folks! Still could use more, want to see double digits so we can get some fun going.

Planning on doing events once I reach enough players, first solo person to get to the top of a tower I build, alive, will get a special prize.

Good server so far. Very fair admin.

Bit of a bump, new update makes everything better!

Still a good amount of spots left. We havent seen much pvp yet, still perfect for a new player!

Starbound may have updated, but let’s not forget rust folks! We need more players so I can get the base assault events started

Bump! We’re having a whole lot of fun, but I’m getting requests to change to oxide for the cash plugin, any preferences folks?