Warfare [part one]

cough a thread music.

Here we are, I’ve got a bunch of pics, all related to warfare of any kind. With Americans and Russians in ‘near future’ setting.

This is one of these A-Lot-Of-Pics thread, so there’s nothing to do with the ‘descriptive titles’ rule.


Great editing on the second pic.

It is descriptive - it’s all warfare.

And rightly so, incredibly executed.

Thanks guys.

And Akita, there were not buch of an editing… I don’t really know how it’s turned out that way.

What the world needs today is another total war. that could be fun.

Yeah, agreed.

because you are a good person god give you a good pictures.

That’s just what I’m thinking…

I’ve never seen some of these models before. They almost look like they’re from Crysis. These pictures are fucking amazing nonetheless.

Thanks. All of these models are in the releases section. AA3 models, CoD4 soldiers and all other.

Really nice. Good wartime feel. What maps are those?

Sex to my eyes :swoon:

I like the title but not as descriptive as Guy Standing In A Train Flashing A Light On A Dead Rebel. [First Person]

Pretty good although the AA3 models are UGLY.
I’m working on getting ACU for the COD4 USMC
Actually correction ** VERY EPIC**

Favorite. Fucking awesome.

I thought it said Welfare. I was expecting poor people.

They’re all pretty awesome but most of them have things bad that stick out (I’ll number the pictures and make good points too):

1. Posing is great. In-game blood effect stands out though and newspaper on the floor is in a strange position. I think it should be flipped over to make it look more realistic. Overused muzzleflash looks too thin and is not giving off enough light.

2. The cockpit ripping apart is awesome but the explosion looks strangely cut off at the bottom. Smoke isn’t so good and is too grey. Lighting is good.

3. Dust looks too much like smoke and is too consistent and opaque.

4. Muzzleflash looks really cool. Sky looks odd though because it is quite clear but there is not enough contrast. Also, tank cannons don’t recoil like that; it looks like the turret is flying off.

5. Nothing wrong here. Nice picture. Camera angle is cool. Muzzleflash and lighting are both good.

6. Good detail and posing inside the choppers, although it’s pretty obvious you duplicated them and everyone inside.

7. Great posing. Overused muzzleflash looks a little odd.

Overall, great posing and good work putting together such an impressive amount of pictures. Work on your editing though.

Thank all of you guys.

Special and BIG thanks to you, Chesty, you are so very helpful.

  1. There’s no recoil, it’s just a flow there…

  2. Yes… I crushed three times over posing them diffirently, so…


The lighting is godly.

Wait, who’s fighting whom?