Warforged Ragdoll

Would anyone be able to make a ragdoll of a warforged, a playable race from Eberron?

(That’s not smoke coming out of him, that’s just some sort of background the artist decided to use)

EDIT: More warforged pictures can be found here, though it might be a bit tricky since I’ve yet to see two pictures of an identical warforged.

Would I be right in assuming that no-one wants to do this? Because if the problem is a lack of reference shots, then there’s nothing I can do. Just about every warforged I’ve seen in artwork has been unique; they all share some common features (like the facial expression), but beyond that they can look however the artist wants. The first pic below is the closest I could get to a picture from behind.

View from behind


Warforged Wizard

Warforged Juggernaut

Warforged on the wrong end of a spell

Warforged Paladin

The Lord of Blades (seen almost as Jesus by some warforged)