Warframe enemies/bosses

I noticed coverop posted a lot of warframe videos. One of them had Alad V in them, he did provide download links for the Corpus crewman model but not for Alad V. Is anyone interested in porting the models or if someone with the models has it, would you please release it? That would be great!

Video links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTVadBGX28E

Agreed. More Warframe models would be great, even if it’s just general props and weapons.


Totally agree with you on that mate, More weapons and characters.

I just really want either a map or some props


I can try, depending on what you have. Props yes, I can do that, but if they’re character models, those will take longer, since I only just started to learn rigging.


Try your best dude! I mean you won’t know untill you try and it could be best rigging to date or your worse.

I can’t unless I have models. .Madness said they could provide some, but edited their post.

Sorry about that, ripping models+textures is really time consuming, and I’ve been too busy as of late.

I know that NikouT and Squiddy did alot of Warframe stuff, of which some is yet to be released.

Here’s nickout’s models

and theres some other guy who makes models but essentially uses them for source filmmaker porn, I forgot his tumblr but if you look hard enough you might find it

Isn’t that wattchewant?


ooooh what i would do for some grineer models

Found Nikout’s other models, praise goes to him!

He posted the link on his workshop files…


Now we just need Grineer.

Personally, I like Corpus more than Grineer. At least Corpus are not cloned from one retard.

Grineer are still fun to murder, though.

“Get clem!”

Grineer have way too much armor. cough cough NAPALMZ!!!

Bitch please, my sword does just fine.