Warframe Ragdolls and Models

Firstly I wanna know if it is possible.
On top of that if someone would, that’d be awesome.




Thanks for considerations!

bump for curiosity and redirect some interest

There’s a quickbms script on xentax to unpack the archives, but then you will face a wall, actually.

Models have the FBX extension, but are PhysX (NSX? I’m not sure right now, how the header info displayed it in hex) models. Textures are not open-able out of the box as well and the audio files are headerless.

I haven’t seen any progress so far, but would like to play around with the models as well.

Bump, really interested in this.

For anyone that hasn’t played the game its fun as hell and is a great F2P.

Bump from me too, I thought being able to make some sort of animation with the models would be pretty epic :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sum up every other warframe model request thread that I know.

These model will not be ported until the game assets are more or less finalized. No point in porting an object only to have it change down the road.

at this point they can’t be ported anyway, no working extractors