WARFRAME - Venomous Blossom


1080p | 3240p

great colors, a bit bland angle maybe

man one day my lamp daylight will look as great as yours

I like it, although may i ask where all the foliage is from?

I’m not sure, it’s part of a foliage pack I think I got on garrysmod.org but can’t seem to find anymore…
I’ve uploaded it to Mediafire now though.

i think that you could have done more with the setting, like bits of overgrown technology or something

Warframe doesn’t do nature very well, even if they are working on adding a jungle tileset.

Anything looks good, except the horrible grass. That’s striking and spoils whole view.

I think grass could be a liiitle bit smudged. But as always, you did good, very good.

Yeah, welcome to the wonderful world of Valve’s horrible alpha masking…
It always bothers me, too.

It’s nice and all, but I honestly opened this thread. Looked at the image for like 5-10 seconds and then I closed the thread again.

There is absolutely nothing in this image to captivate the viewer, nothing going on. No details telling a story or suggesting something is going on. You don’t always have to have an action packed screenshot in order for it to be interesting. You just need to add those details that tickles the curiousity in people.

Hey man, if you don’t find it interesting, then you don’t; we’ve all got our own tastes.
It’s just a peaceful scene of a flowery Warframe taking a stroll through the woods.

Are we looking at the same image here? Cause this looks really pretty. I mean, I dunno
really what you mean; the lighting, colours and the scene ingeneral looks really great!

I’m not sure what more details you’d need to ‘tickle your curiosity’ but yeah, just my opinion.
And of course your entitled to your own, but just confused me!

Rated wood brah.

Yeah, exactly. Entirely insignifigant. Don’t be offended by criticism mate. I didn’t say it was a bad picture, not at all. I am just saying it lacks the ingredient which makes it intruiging.