Can anybody give me the models from warframe, i want to make an SFM for my warframe clan. THX in advance!


Im looking for 3-4 models for my clans SFM video.

Models aren’t being ported yet, and you can’t just take the original models and add them to SFM. You also need to be more descriptive. You’re asking for ALL of the models. Do you want a certain soldier? a couple?

I’m pretty sure people are waiting for it to leave beta so they don’t have to update any models if they change how it looks.

I only 3-4 warframes so i can make an sfm video for my clan and dojo. I would apriciate at least Excalibur.

There are no extractors that work properly, all Ninja Ripper gets is Textures, and quickbms only gets unusable files out, you’ll have to wait some time, pal.

This, unfortunately

I can’t imagine the QuickBMS script won’t be updated eventually, though

The main iusse is to obtain the high res textures of warframes and enemies. At this time u have to collect all the warframe to get the texures of them (2048x2048). As already said the script doesn’t work properly atm.