Wargame: Red Dragon Models (Pay)

I’m requesting that some of the critical Wargame Red Dragon Models be ported and rigged for Gmod, as they would be a wonderful addition for posing, and not to mention extremely useful for addons. Wargame has essentially every vehicle and plane used in the cold war, from France, UK, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, US, USSR, West Germany, South Korea, North Korea, Czechoslovakia, Poland, China, Japan and the USSR.

I’d be willing to pay to contribute to someone’s decision to port these models.

what all exactly are you wanting from it?

I’m mostly interested in the Eastern European Equipment, especially the artillery and Self Propelled Sams, however there is a plethora of equipment to export from the game.

The models are really nice as far as RTS models go, but do bear in mind they’re still RTS models. They’re quite low-poly and the textures aren’t the highest res, so it really wouldn’t be worth porting anything besides the vehicles. And even for those, much higher quality alternatives exist for some things already.

That being said, Wargame does have a lot of vehicle models that can’t be found anywhere else. I’d like to port a number of things from it, but I’ve never managed to get any of the 3d rippers working for me.

I’d be very interested in porting some of the Wargame models to source if anyone felt like ripping any of them, but otherwise I can’t really help.

True, I think the helicopters, vehicles and ships are certainly worth it.

There are no BMP-1 models for example, nor are there any Soviet ATGMs.

Ships could be very useful though, for a naval warfare game mode, or to use in a map or something.

They’ve made reskins and mods on the wargame forum. I have no idea how to rip models, but it would be a good start to ask them.

I did look into unpacking the models to extract them, but I had no luck finding anything that could open any of the files in the game folder. There may be modding tools out now, as it was quite a while since I tried.

I’ll take a look on the forums and see.

Slight update: I looked at the forums, and as far as I can tell, skins are about as far as modding goes for Wargame right now. Doesn’t look like you can extract the models using any tools, so ripping still seems to be the only way to get them.

Does anyone knows how to use lua on this?


Has anyone got anywhere with this?

Being a military nut, I would warn against Wargame Red Dragon models as most of them are quite terribly scaled, modelled and sporting historically inaccurate camouflages or features.

There are some people that are looking for 100% realism in their Gmod poses, but most people don’t care about small things like that.

That, and anyone who is skilled enough in the fields of modelling and texturing that also happens to be a gun nut could easily fix up any inaccuracies if they really wanted to.

They’re only relatively few inaccuracies, and for the scale you’re talking about

(Hundreds of different tanks and etc never before featured in Gmod, it’s more than worth it)