Wargame: Red Dragon - Yak-141

I don’t know if there’s many people around who still does rips from Wargame, but I’m trying to get hold of the Yak-141.

I’ve had someone try to rip it for me already, but the textures just refuse to rip. They’ve tried with different settings, but the textures never seem to turn up. If anyone’s able to rip models from Red Dragon, is there any chance someone could help me with this? I already have the mesh, so even if you can just successfully rip the textures, it’d help a lot.


After ripping - you need to retexture your obj file with 3ds max unwrap or easier the UVMapper - than take the right dds file (noesis programm) and turn contrast and light settings with curve menu to 30% (gimp 2.8. is the best way).
Ready - now you can use the model with any 3d programm ! I used also Poser Game Dev programm to reduce the poly count and change some textures and geometry parts to use the new models in my own modding projects.


That’s fantastic, thank you.

I know Wargame probably isn’t detailed enough to use normalmaps or anything, but the other ripped models I’ve worked with have had masks for the phong and such. Are you able to get those, at all?

I’ve managed to fix a few other ripped textures with contrast and curves in Photoshop, but the problem with the Yak is that the textures just don’t rip. At all. There’s nothing that looks even remotely like the body texture, it’s just all completely black .dds files and some unrelated textures.

Yes, I can either get any materials from that game, or teach you how to do it & provide the tools.
Actually, any texture can be imported. Besides, there have been at least 3 new nation packs: Israel, Finland & Serbian armed forces.

That would be useful information to share, but i don’t actually own Red Dragon, so I’m not able to get them myself even if you did tell me.

Well, I do have a copy with those expansion packs :slight_smile:
Just let me know what you need.

Just the extra shader textures for the Yak-141 would be great. I appreciate the help.

You have to use my programmes - step by step and your model is textured and not black !

Your method seems to involve having the textures ripped in the first place, which as I previously explained, wasn’t happening. The person that was helping me ripped it a few times, and the textures were just 100% black or nonexistent. There’s nothing you can do to fix those.

Here’s what you need to get any texture from Wargame.
Use it if you don’t want to play with extra dark textures after Nina Ripper :slight_smile:

Don’t think I see any specular or normal maps there… hmm…