Wargy Rust PVP 4 [LONG VIDEO]

Watch in 1080p!

Scared my HDD might be taking a dump on me so here’s a compilation of all of the recordings I’ve gotten in the past two weeks. As a result, video is insanely long. Watch it on the shitter so you can feel like you’re part of the action.

Server info in the video description.

All video recorded using NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay.

EDIT: Video has been reuploaded and the sound problems should be fixed. Thanks for watching!

I watched the whole thing

same, its bittersweet to watch wargy rape with the p250. Tho his skill makes sense seeing his CSS videos. my favorite is the pvp 1-3 vids.

“I gave you my WOOD” (KABOOM)

“oh shit”-everyones reaction when getting shot at

lol im dying

P250 is the best weapon after M4 and Bolt imo

awesome. keep it up

You guys really should find better servers with less angry admins

Video has been reuploaded after sound fixes.

I think if it’s that easy for you to add the CS grenade sounds in then it’s just as easy for you to add all those headshot sounds you added in. :wink:

It would be just as simple. Too obvious when they don’t die in 1-2 hits though, wouldn’t you think? :wink: