WARHAMMER 40,000: Daemon Prince of Chaos

fucking finally this thing is done now i can get back to big burly men in power armor




horn bodygroups
colorable armor and wing surfaces
no IK as of yet, coming soon
three separate models

joint tool recommended

download button:


IK script: http://files.1337upload.net/rig_biped_demonprince-836ecb.rar

muchos gracias to master Ninja Nub for the faceposing!

Space Marine: the body and armor parts and horns
Painkiller HD: wings
Dawn of War: head
me: putting the whole thing together
Ninja: face flexes
Gmod4ever: IK


By God…the details on that daemon.

SO. FUCKING. METAL!!! :rock:

As I said on Steam, HOLY SHITE!


i literally just put on some black metal, soon to figure out this was just released… a coincidence? no the mighty power of the blood gods!

Khorne would be proud!

Is this usable in gmod?
If not please someone make this usable!

no it’s usable only in Doom

wait this isnt for xps what the fuck man

Hey joazz, if you’re gonna use garrysmod to render promos, use the poster feature then downscale it in photoshop. Makes the edges look so much nicer.


It’s a brilliant model but I have a minor nitpick about it, I personally dislike that slight clipping at the back/bottom of the neck.

that’s exactly what i do because i can’t use antialiasing

Except he uses GIMP and not PS…

GIMP can do that too

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IK script added to OP

So… cool…

Man I wish we could have battled that daemon in Space Marine.
Would have been far more epic. Great job mate!

Nice! Also is the IK rig download absolutely necessary for the model to function properly?

not really but it helps