omg totes legit leaked screenshot of new ig game

Dat vieww


but chaos is better

ig masterrace top shit nigga

Cool, altho i’m betting that the guy without a helmet is going to die near-instantly from shrapnel :v:

They’re part of the guard. They’re all going to die near-instantly from whatever lies ahead anyways.

Nice pic Jenkins, though I like the one you posted in the “Don’t want to make a thread” thread better.

Ig helmets are such a piece of shit he’d probably die even if he did have one

don’t you know, people without helmets are plot-important characters and thus less likely to die

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also this just shows how fucking huge the Basilisk tank actually is

A armageddon style basilisk could easily be a assault gun style battle tank.

omfg i can’t wait to get to work on the Baneblade tbh

Heresy grow from idleness, up and over!

If one of us falls, ten more will take his place!
Excellent job!

The guy to the right of the middle guy who is wearing a helmet with yellow glasses looks like he has his helmet’s brightness reduced by like 20%. I would use some 100px & hadrness 0% on that guy’s face.

Pic’s cool though, didn’t realize at first that it was a first person view.

I like it, but the green (plasma?) impact on the tank looks out of place.

Maybe they are fighting Necrons?.

There’s no maybe about it, you can see the Monoliths in the background.

Where’d you get these models?

Work in Progress.

I have never won a single table top game against necrons. Fuck necrons.

Great pose yo

No, there’s a Necron Monolith in the background A.K.A plasma-spitter 9000.