Warhammer 40k Dark Crusade

:siren: Alert!: I am not the creator of this idea, or responsible for any of the work to be done. If you want to contact the guy who created the idea, please add on steam- pain_less :siren:

The gamemode is based on warhammer 40k with a fps style gameplay to destroy each others command post. I was thinking of having custom lua vehicles and custom weapons to give it a warhammer experience. If anyone thinks this is a good idea and wants to help they can contact me. i will need: Smart lua coder. , Modeler, Texturer, and a skilled mapper. i can do mapping myself
but i am a novice. The basic gameplay will start out with 2 teams. each having the goal to destroy each others command post. the classes of each teams will be the assault. devistator, and other basic units like snipers or stealth. the weapons i have thought of creating would be a wide selection of weapons that were included in the game such as the bolter, tau pulse rifle,
and pulse carbine, burst cannon, heavy bolter, as well as an assortment of melee weapons(lots of those too). id like to create the teams: space marines, tau, imperial gaurd, and chaos space marines. please help me with
this gamemode idea to make it real and playable. thank you in advance.

Would require alot of coding and that big block of text was almost impossible to read :o

copied from steam. I’ll try and fix it.


Best as I could.