Warhammer 40k: Regicede model request

Was wondering if anyone was interested in porting the gorgeous models from Warhammer 40K: Regicide to Gmod/SFM.

You probably be better off waiting for Joazzz to finish his Space Marine models because he’s put tons of efforts into them along with a wide variety of bodygroups and variations. Just check the Space Marine Port thread, he posts pics of them every so often.

he’s clearly not patient enough for that, he even expressed it himself in “my” thread

The Regicide models are better, higher poly, and all around more detailed. Thread is about Regicide models in any case, and people willing to port them.

To be fair, you were kind of a dick in the Spacemarine thread

Has absolutely nothing to do with this thread or anything he posted here.


If high poly is what you’re going for have you tried using nurbs?

They’re less detailed. They don’t strike me as very polished either.

Probably not worth the effort.

They won’t have all the neat bits and bobs either. Joazzz’s, though they might be a few more months away from release, will have a lot of decals, weapons and the like, and these will only have the bits included in the game.

In other words, if you want the big black “complete” pack of stuff, wait a few more months. If you want something nownownownownow, you can look for someone to port these.

when the game comes out we’ll have to see if it only features MK7 armor and related parts. the trailers and promo images have only shown Aquila mark components

is it possible to upload some the buildings or props from the eisenhorn game to sfm :stuck_out_tongue: