warhammer 40k stuff

ok i am not a fan of warhammer, but i tried the demo for dawn of war- and i must say some of the stuff is pretty cool

this may require some lua but
any chance for a complete pack ? (stargate did it fairly well!)

please get good quality models in tho, rts’s models dont look good full scale

RTS’s models?

Well, there is a source mod with alot of shit of Warhammer 40k but the stuff is not very impressive, infact alot of the models are pretty ugly.


i saw a tau and chaos marine in dans npc pack- but i dislike his pack

That’s because it’s all from the first Dawn of War. It’s be nice to get some higher quality models. Only two I like using in the current pack are the Dreadnought and Defiler.

There’s a few people working on porting the IG from dow2. So you might be partially in luck.

there was a game with the tau, space marines and chaos marines all in good detail coz it was a first person shooter the game was called fire warrier if someone wants find that and dig up its files they will have a fairly good kick start