Warhammer 40k Tank

Unfortunately I cannot continue on this project, it’s been a real pain in my ass putting this together and now it has come down to trying to get it to stick together and materializing. I really have better things I could be making than this, so with that said here is the unfinished tank.

This was my picture reference.


The side.


The front.


The top.


The back.


The bottom.




iosekki delivers yet again

The empire is pleased.
Fuck it I’m gonna go finish my Dreadnought.

Fuck all my adv dupes are messed up, thwarted.

NICE JOB. It works yet? If so, make a vid plz!

Yes… Get that thing going! How will you power it?

The fumes of burning Orks.

I love all the details you put on it! looks identical to the reference!
Looking forward to see your colouring skill taking its toll on the thing too!

It’s excellent in regards to the reference, yeah. But that reference pic is just disturbingly wrong from the model, particularly with the tracks

Banans are tasty,
Violets are ugly,
Iosekki is win,
And so is his tank.

I wrote a poem

Baneblade’s tracks aren’t flat like that.

Prepare to be purged. :black101:

:v: Well, it’s still pretty awesome.

Here is a screenie of the Dreadnought, I tried to work on it last night after a month or so break from Garry’s Mod and the fucker had undone all the welds, and all the thrusters fell off :frowning:
Not meaning to thread jack, its just relevant since its another unfinished 40k contraption.


I’ll probably restart it, I remember most of what I did.
I think I’ll do that, I suddenly feel like building 40k stuff.

Sorry, but it looks like a Mark 0.01 Dreadnought or something. Some Criticismus Constructum: The legs/feet are too long, the “shoulders” should be wider and the cockpit part looks just a bit too big. Other things like details are nice.

I wasn’t working with a reference picture, so getting the dimensions right was kind of rough.
On the remake I’ll be using a picture to work off of.

On Your Baneblade Tank,
I have placed a Melta Bomb.
Blood for the Blood God.


Khorne does not love your tank

but i do

Best. Poem. Ever.

Skulls for the Skull Throne. :black101:

Awesome shit iosekki.

Could use a less clean and shiny material though, I mean, It’s a tank.

I just used that material because of my reference. All the pictures I looked at were all matte greyscale that modelers always have. I don’t have a clue what to materialize this, if you show me a picture of the proper coloring I might be able to do it.

Looks like Zeos got some competition.

Well the thing about appearances is that there is no standard. You paint your own models, so really it can be whatever you want it to be.