Warhammer 40K - variety of unnoficial models

Models are are all in .dae format;

I’ve supplied screenshots of what these models should roughly look like with textures. Refer to their respective images.

You will have to play around with the textures to get them to look as they should. Also some of them are not t-posed.


Character Models

Howling Banshee

Dark Eldar Incubi

Sister of Battle

Tau Fire Warrior

Weapon Models

Death Korps Lascarbine

Tau Pulse Rifle

Skitarii Galvanic Rifle

Incubi Klaive

Plasma-Combi Bolter

Inquisitor Laspistol

Download Link

I do not claim to be the creator of these models, all rights reserved to their respective parties

Love how the magazine holder in that gun is too small to even let the bolt rounds move to the gun.

yeah it doesn’t make logical sense but hey that’s warhammer for you.


I guess it’s one of the older designs, newer stuff tends to be more realistic. Well, as realistic as Warhammer can get anyways.

that thing is definitely still canon, but sometimes a more realistic interpretation is in order:


I mean, the Vepr-esque bolter looks alot better than that one a few posts up.