Warhammer Fantasy's Warriors of Chaos

Are there any models that resemble Chaos Warriors from Warhammer Fantasy.

And for that matter, any that resemble warriors from the Empire of Man?

Well, in my opinion:

Empire of Man = Witcher 2 ports.

Chaos = ?! There are only DoW2 ports i’ve seen so far. Back in the day i saw a templar looking knight, but modified, he had this chaos look, even the symbols, on garrysmod.org.
But it was long ago.

I’d love to see some proper chaos stuff here, on facepunch.



It would be good.

Hopefully someone could port the Witcher 2 ragdolls other then just Geralt.

As for Chaos, I’d love to see some Nurgle styled warriors. Maybe some Chaos Undivided, too.

Gah, the only force in Warhammer online is Tzeentch’s Raven Host force.

The WoC in Mark of Chaos is proliferated in recolours. I suppose there’s something that can extract mpire models from that?

Probably. It would be nice to see these things in Garry’s Mod.

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Tzeenetch would be nice to have. Really, just anything but Slaanesh.


Nurgle’s better, mate. Just sayin’.

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You’re just butthurt cause Papa Nurgle didn’t bequeath his great gifts upon you.

I’m pretty certain you misspelled ‘Khorne’ there matey.

Now, according to my various romps about the internet, it appears the model files are in either .Ork or .Gobj formatting.

Given I am in possession of the game, you would expect that this would be easier to find out, but the disk tells to fuck off every time I put it into the faithful laptop I’m currently using. If they’re in the former, I’ve come across a file decrypter for ORK files. I’ll get back to you with the link soon.

Thanks, mate. Now we just need to find someone to help us rig them.

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Oh, it would be nice to have a Warrior Priest. But we’ll save that for later.


The links I was referring to earlier? They’ve gone dead, and have been for little over a week. I’m gonna need to go get some more before I can help.

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Hmm… perhaps I should inquire whether or not to use File View pro instead.