Wario World Help?

I’ve been digging through the iso files of Wario World for the past week or so and I can’t for the life of me find the 3D models the game uses, so I was hoping someone here could figure out how to rip them:

There a screenshot of where I think the models for this gamecube game reside, doing some research on the RSC file I’ve found nothing but I believe it is another archive for the models or at least the closest we’re going to get to obtaining them. I’m not so sure about the dll but it is a suspect.

Anyone care to help me rip these files? My goal is to make a fan game/hack out of Wario World.

Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and even Luigi’s Mansion have all seen there fair share of hacks in the spotlight over the years, why not Wario World?? It’s just as good a game as any of those, plus I would like to make longer challenging levels if possible so if anyone wants to join in that’d be awesome! :smiley: here are all the files from the iso for reference https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_6B24W8ke-9fjlNNjRvNUV5V09vY0x6RmEzVWRVRmxRajU4ejZlWkRBZGRYOE1uZy1HRmM&usp=sharing.