Warmelons: Battle Front

Hello there, Facepunch, and welcome to the dayview of probably a very crappy looking map!

Yes, you heard it! But don’t get so down. This map is meant to look simple, and uncrowded, because thats the way Warmelon maps are. Anyways, I’ll show some screenies, then start giving you some details about the map.

Bird’s Eye view of the map.

A peak into the pit of sewage death.

Right, so you saw those. Time for details;
I: In the center of the map, is a small platform, only reachable by four small bridges. If your melons somehow fall off, they will meet a horrible demise at the hands of hazordouse waste below.
II: There are six small ‘islands’ around the map symetrically. Surrounded by very shallow water. An ideal place for Warmelon CPs.
III: A stormy skybox looms overhead, ready to drop rain to extinguish the fires once the fighting has stopped.
IV: Small, pleasant hills rittle the ground, bringing the peril of flipping over to fast moving ground vehicles.

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=118761

Oh lord, where do I start?
[li]Fullbright[/li][li]Blocky[/li][li]1 Unit Large Brushes[/li][li]No optimization[/li][li]Repeating textures[/li][li]Half Life 1 textures[/li][li]Misaligned textures[/li][li]Lack of any sort of detail whatsoever[/li][li]I don’t see this water you are talking about, therefore there might be a leak[/li][/ul]
And the list goes on.

In short, you are probably a beginner and you said yourself that it is crappy. If you felt it was crappy, then you probably should not have released it until you felt it adequate.


Smart one.

1.) Fullbright. Its a damn Warmelons map. You NEED to be able to see 100% clearly.
2.) Supposed to be ‘blocky’. Thats warmelons. You don’t want amazingly detailed areas. Look at other warmelons maps. None of them use amazing circles, but simple block-like symmetry.
3.) They aren’t.
4.) Yes. There was.
5.) Of course there is. Check out other Warmelon maps again.
6.) No Half-Life 1 textures at all. All from Half-Life 2.
7.) Show me.
8.) You don’t want amazing detail. You don’t want pretty trees and amazing boulders to clutter up a warmelons map.
9.) There is water, I’ve seen it, even in GMod. Its around the small little ‘islands’.

The server owner who I gave it to liked it very much. He believed it was the perfect size for Warmelons, for the most part, he liked the textures, he liked most of it.

Before you go posting about things such as this, think to yourself, “What gamemode is this for?” And look for examples.

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And when I said crappy looking map, probably, its because most people don’t like the design of Warmelon maps. Because they aren’t SCENIC maps.

  1. Absolutely no excuse to not put any sort of lighting in. You could’ve made the environmental light very bright and added light sources in areas that don’t have them.
  2. Perhaps you don’t need bloody intricate architecture in a Warmelons map but that is absolutely no excuse for no detail at all.
  3. Look at the grate bridges. You can’t honestly tell me those aren’t 1 unit or at the very most 2 units.
  4. I’m sorry, that was mostly just a rogue assumption based on the visual nature of your map. Sorry for jumping to conclusions.
  5. No excuse. You could of at least threw up a few new textures on those blocks to make it look interesting and to better differentiate one side of the map to the other.
  6. Once again, look at the grate textures, those are dev textures ported from Half Life 1.
  7. Look at the tiles on the top right of the middle platform in the second picture.
  8. See 2.
  9. I don’t see anything where I am sitting. Maybe its your settings or it is very, very shallow to the point it is barely visible without directly looking at it. Either way, I don’t see it and that is why I am calling it.

In conclusion, I don’t care what gamemode you are mapping for or whether or not the design of maps for said gamemode are not “scenic,” that is no excuse at all for lacking any sort of detail whatsoever. In any light, even if I am completely wrong on all of my points, people here critique on maps regardless of whatever purpose they serve, so you should expect people to be as critical as I am.

Thanks for the critisism anyways. I’ll change the colors on one side, redish, the otherside, perhaps bluish.

As Fhenexx said, there really is no excuse for a bad looking map. Map visuals are not based on the gamemode, but the format/design is. Adding detail makes a map actually fun to look at, not to just play in without any liking.