Warmelons for Gmod 13?

Has Warmelons ever been ported to gm13 yet? The gamemode is so damn fun and I would like to play it again

what the fuck is warmelons

I think he meant MelonRacer.

No he meant warmelons.

There was Warmelons and then there was Warmelons:RTS. I don’t know who made the original but Lap updated and upgraded it into RTS a long time a go. I made some maps for it and I played it quite a bit.
It was a fun gamemode where you sort of built your own rts units and bases and then fought other players.

As far as I know it has not been updated for Gmod 13, But I really don’t know. In this thread someone said that they were working on it, Try contacting them. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=584507