Warmelons: Outfit battleships with turrets, or form armies of melons.

This mod, first released 2nd January 2008, adds team-affiliated melons that will shoot at their enemies. They act basically like RTS units do - you can give them orders, and they’ll move to the target location as best they can. You can also spawn them attached to your props, so you can make anything from small gunships to frigates and massive battleships. Use order cores - warmelons specifically made to carry out orders - on the front of vehicles and make your contraptions respond to your every command.

Here are some ancient videos. There’s a lot new since then.


Download here.

The new way to control your melons is much easier than the STOOL - console commands. Here are the console commands for the Warmelons so far:

+wmselect - bind a key to this, and use it to drag a hypothetical 3D sphere around the melons you want to select, much like dragging a box around units in any RTS game.

wmorder - bind a key to this, and when pressed, all your selected melons will try and get to where you're looking at.

If you hold the sprint key while giving a wmorder, the melons will follow what you're pointing at (or stop following if you look at the ground).

And if you hold the walk key while giving a wmorder, the melons will target what you're pointing at (even if that's a friendly unit or just a random prop).

To bind a key:
bind key +wmselect
(replace key with the key you want to bind to +wmselect, like H or mouse3 or something)


  1. Get any selection that has at least 1 barracks in it.
  2. Open the ‘Barracks Control’ context panel from the Warmelons category.
  3. Click on the melons you want to spawn, in the order you want to spawn them.

Revision 11.5

  • Light fighters and lasermelons have team coloured lasers
  • Fixed barracks sharing their queues (leading to malfunction)
  • Fixed the barracks not starting to build again if the sum of the active melons and the queued melons reaches the maximum active melons
  • Lasermelon draws sparks at the start/end of the laser
  • Flechette melon has less range and moves more slowly
  • Barracks has a wireframe preview of the next melon to be spawned (not team-coloured, as that would cause it to camoflauge against the barracks at the wrong angle)
  • Exploding warmelons won’t set shit on fire (but still do damage)
  • Holding shift and alt while giving melons a move order will make them follow or attack the entity you point at respectively. Pointing at the ground while giving an order will stop them following things.

Revision 11

  • Barracks functions like an RTS factory
  • up to 20 active melons now in a barracks
  • Added flechette and heavy flechette melons
  • Added Wire Spotter
  • Fixed NULL Entity error when spawning in multiplayer

Revision 10

  • presumably fixed barracks unit error upon destruction
  • added laser ‘melon’
  • new order system, sphere dragging to select and console-command-based use.

Revision 9

  • Added barracks and light trooper

Revision 8

  • No more moving to enemies automatically
  • Any warmelons that use an older version will need to update
  • All warmelons can now be ordered by the command STOOL.

Revision 7

  • (hopefully) fixed duplication issues with some melons
  • Changed cannon shells not to require CSS

Revision 6

  • Added RTS-style orderable melon (300 health)
  • Duplicator support for ordercore and plasma cannon (untested, tell me if it works or not)

Alpha 5

  • Added plasma cannon
  • Fixed medics with force error

Alpha 4

  • Cannon has reduced damage
  • Added new base class for warmelons

Alpha 3

  • Added cannon
  • Added medic
  • Both combat units now have muzzle flashes

Alpha 2

  • Fire rate slightly increased
  • new info_target based targeting system (this will help to make adding future turret types less laggy)

Known bugs
‘Too many emitters’ error when you use too many medics (It means it’s going insane over how many healing effects you want it to do, and starts giving up, spamming errors at your face).

Shit I’ve made but haven’t uploaded yet
Too much to list, I can’t be bothered.

To Do
Hell if I know.

Absolutly cool… you need to make a game mode out of this

I’ve been thinking about that, but if I try and commit myself to a gamemode, I’ll never get it done. What I will do in the future is make a power core that you have to link the melons up to, which gives some sort of tasty particle whoring explosion when you blow it up. So that when you destroy the powercore, the melons disable and/or explode.

haha cool, you should make so that they build bases and maybe barracks and airports and stuff so it looks like a strategy game

Simple, yet kick-ass, that’s the perfect combonation for lua creations.

Do they move around themselfs?

Oh… didn’t see the moving thing

Well do they move with the hoverballs then

Any possiblity of you intergrating this with some Prop Protection Addon or something so it can “tell” your props apart from others, and only shoot at others? Or maybe something like a min range setting, so it ignores all props within whatever radius you set it to. I say this cause this would be of great use in Gcombat or CDS. Also maybe you could consider making it target players, or sents (tickboxes?) so you can bring down an enemy vessel, not just take out their guns. Good work regardless, a lot easier than using wire! Although editing it to work with Gcombat would require you to make it fire a different projectile, so it would probably be a bit more work :confused:

Ahaha, these little things are fantastic. Though I’d love to see more weapons (Just for the looks; SMG isn’t cool enough).

That’s awesome, keep it up. Very cool.

haha cool vid there puska
hope you update this with more weapons and stuff MegaJohnny

Well, it would be piss-easy to make the melons set their team to the creator’s player ID. So the player-specific teaming would be easy, but actually integrating it with a prop protection addon would be better, yes. Player ID for now, though. The minimum radius seems like a less good idea, basically because if you had the melons hating eachother, if you brought 2 supposedly allied melons too far apart, they’d start going at it with the friendly fire. As for the extra entity targeting, I’ll put that into the power cores, so that a melon will take down enemy power cores (provided it has no enemy threats left). And about the GCombat thing, don’t worry, that sounds easy too. Since you can find out what entity a bullet hit (even if it’s the default bullet), it shouldn’t be too hard to make it hurt whatever props it hits if GCombat is enabled.

Anyway, those are some good suggestions, thanks for the ideas. I’ll try and work them into it at some point.


That was a pretty awesome battle. I was pretty surprised that the battleship on my video came out so unscathed.

Anyway, yeah, the current gun alone wouldn’t be much good, so do you have any suggestions as to what would be a good addition?

Something… Effecty. Lasers, rocket launchers, plasma cannons. I’d just want my destroyer look like it’s actually destroying.

I’m not much good with effects. In fact I don’t know anything about Scripted Effects, but a plasma cannon sounds good. That’s it, I’ll add some kind of cannon as another alternative weapon. But as cannons go it’ll have to be a little weak, or battles will be over too quickly.

Maybe bursts from the ar2.


Laser bursts…

For a 1/4 of a second…

You would have to integrate laser stool code.

One word : Awesome! :smiley:

Edit: You could add laser and a beam that attract other melons

You sir, have won the internet.


Hey I screwed around with the lua a little bit to create a new type of melon: the missile melon. It shoots rockets that do eight damage instead of four, have 100 health instead of 50, but take three seconds per shot instead of just one.

I won’t upload it until I get MegaJohnny’s permission. Not to mention test it. :freeman:

Would you show me how to do that ?

I honestly can’t wait to try these out, on the [FPBU] Server!

Hmm the testing has pointed out two problems: I can’t change teams, and they don’t interact with the regular fighters.

@evil: are you referring to me?

yes :slight_smile: